Things to Do In Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Chiang Mai nightlife may look restricted to freshly arrived tourists, and they do not know where the happening bars and best restaurant in Chaing Mai are. Though not as plentiful or differed as the scene in Bangkok, Chiang Mai does have its cool venues. You can pick from nightlife places that target foreigners, or those that attract crowds of residents every night. However, there are many things that Chiang Mai has to offer people.

Chiang Mai 13Chiang Mai is excellent value for money, and many visitors enjoy the cooler climate that makes a welcome break from the hot South. Breathtaking mountainous terrain surrounds the city that helps to provide the vast variety of leisure activities to visiting tourists. There are many kinds of sightseeing tours available in the areas surrounding the city. You can see the mountains on a hill trek, white water rafting, go on a mountain biking trip or if you are looking for a totally new experience, you can take a trip in the mountains on the back of an elephant.

Another intriguing way to see Chiang Mai is by zip line. The city has a brilliant 3km of zip lines that enable you to see the jungle from up in the Chiang Mai 12canopy, 40ft off the ground. This is a unique method to get the jungle and it’s wildlife from a brand-new point of view.

You can also view the old Thai martial art of Muay Thai which has just recently been made popular in the Western world by the rapid development of Mixed Martial Arts or MMA. Lots of recent popular films have also sustained the development of Muay Thai in the West and fans of the sport can see it in its original form, just as it has been exercised for centuries in Chiang Mai.

If you are trying to find more sedate methods to experience Chiang Mai fun, you can get a day being pampered in a conventional resort or spa. Chiang Mai 14Thailand is a great place to see a medical spa, the Thais are popular for their massage and you can enjoy a genuine Thai massage that is the very best value in all of Thailand. Invest the remainder of the day shopping in the conventional markets and shops where there are local goods offered at excellent value prices.

Afterwards, relax in one of the cities numerous outstanding restaurants or bars like the Corner Bistro. Chiang Mai is a tourist town, but it is also home to 300,000 Thai residents so you can take pleasure in real Thai food in a relaxed environment that the Thai people take pleasure in. Thai food is amongst the very best on the planet, and there are some outstanding restaurants in Chiang Mai.