Yacht Types to Charter in your Next Holiday

If you are planning for an ocean cruise in the coming holiday, then you have probably thought about chartering a yacht. There are many types of charter a yacht to choose from, and this will depend on factors like your cruising style, size and also personal preference. If you don’t know the variety of yacht types, then you might want to look at the best private yacht charter Phuket before making a decision. The variety of yacht types available makes sure that there is always a yacht type of person. Let’s look at the variety that is available out there.

Yacht types

Classic yachtdgfgdgfdgd

This is the best yacht that is best for people who want to experience the basic yacht experience. Unlike the motor yacht which is for people looking for the thrill of yachting. A classic yacht will give you the basic experience of yachting without any additional luxury and comforts. This is still a common choice for many people who want the romantic and classic way of yachting.

Motor yacht

A motor yacht is more about speed and the thrill of yachting. This is the ideal for people who are looking for luxury, comfort as well as speed. When it comes to motor yacht types, we have the large yacht and the performance yacht.

The large one still has the motor aspect of yachting, but it is ideal for large families or travel groups. The performance yacht is small to accommodate the high speed of yachting, and it is ideal for individuals or couples.

Mega yachttgetretet

A mega yacht is what can be called a hotel on the move. The size of this yacht is big enough to accommodate 100 people at a go. It has all the luxuries that you expect in a 5-star hotel. For instance, in this yacht, you will find a bar, hotel, swimming pool, spa and other facilities to accommodate comfort and luxury.

It has a crew to serve all your needs, and you can stay here for weeks without going anywhere. This is one of the biggest yachts that is available on the market right now

Catamaran yacht

This is a yacht that brings the combination of the classic and a motor yacht to bring a good blend. It will offer you a mix of sailing and motoring aspects. If you are looking for something unique, then this is the best yacht to try.

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